Love Always Wins

As we celebrate Teddy Bear Sunday, we continue celebrating the power of love. We will have 2 parts that include celebrating Black History Month. One is a surprise and Yemajah will be sharing an original poem for the other piece. To finish the celebration we will gather around the imaginary picnic tables inside New-Rock Hall and behold the Christ in one another. Much to enjoy.

The Abundant Flow of Love

John 10:10 reads “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” We live in the flow of love and so the truth is that we are always in an exchange. We breath in and we breathe out. We give a hug and receive one. That is the abundant life.

The Power of Love

Starting tomorrow we focus on the Power of Love for February, with an emphasis on Love in Action – our 5th principle. Please wear pink any Sunday that you would like. This Sunday we are looking at sacred service’s relationship to spirituality and will also be blessing baby Bentley.

Faith Alive

WE continue pondering faith. Daniel will speak on “Faith Lift” on Sunday, so I invite us all to wear the color light blue. Today, I am sharing some words about faith from Emilie Cady, which always fill me with joy. May they also fill your soul.

What Feeds Your Soul

We are two weeks into the new year, and it is a good time to reflect on that wonderful question –“What feeds my soul?” The thing is, we get caught up in our patterns and habits. We do what is necessary.

The Intention of Peace

I’m inviting us to relish the deep peace that is the truth of who we are as we begin this new year of limitless possibilities. Peace and love are the energies of our beings as we realize the Christ within.


The word for this week is JOY. We experienced joy in amazing ways as we watched little Millie, awake, alert and smiling at us for the whole service! She was joy filled throughout her christening.

A Yes To Peace

I am sharing Unity’s official Statement for Peace. It is beautiful and worthy of affirming, as well as choosing to individually be peace in our consciousness, and creating a peace that embraces all. May we be the ones whose light makes darkness obsolete.

Grand Illumination - Glory Hallelujah!

It’s official – the season of lights begins now that Thanksgiving is past. WE are having our big party on December 7th, (at 6:30pm) when the gardens come alive with lights and we have children and parents gracing our building with laughter and song.

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