Trust The Universe

I am sharing what was on my Louise Hay calendar for the month of July. May it bless you. It reflects what we have been pondering on Sundays. “Before me lies the totality of possibilities in every area of my life.


As we move toward a holiday weekend celebrating freedom, I invite us to let the appreciation for all that we have rise up within and lift our vibrations. We get to make choices on many levels because of where we live. Admittedly, our country is polarized, yet that is an invitation for us to be the presence of peace and a voice for the dignity of each person.

The Game of Life

Book - The Game of LifeI will be starting a series this Sunday on the book, The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn.


New Board - Congratulations!

We welcome our new slate of officers to serve on the Board: we are grateful for their willingness to serve for this next year.

  • Zita Correl, President
  • Mike Regulinski, Vice-President
  • Myra Federspiel, Treasurer
  • Amy Fulcher-Davis, Secretary

Thank You All!!!

So, I'm back in the saddle and things are rocking. I want to acknowledge all those who kept things flowing with beautiful services on Sunday, helped with Ellie's party, visited the sick, did meditations on Wednesdays, and saw to all the details of the life of a congregation that has much going on.

New Life, New Blooms, New Leaves, New Everything

“The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.” - Julian of Norwich

For most people it seems easy to feel a sense of awe when in nature. I think we go from thinking to being - to experiencing awe, wonder, beauty, and feeling connected.

Squeals of Joy!

It is so delightful to be here during the week and see and hear the children’s laughter both inside and outside the building. This past week I was washing something in the kitchen while Amanda was making popcorn with a hot air popper in New-Rock Hall.

The Beauty of What Remains

Many of you know I helped my dear doxie, Cocoa, make her transition two weeks ago. Thank you for your words and actions of support. Kindness truly matters.

Create the Greatest Love Story Ever

I’m all for marriage and romance and sharing life with another, yet as I grow older and wiser, I know a deep truth. The most amazing love we can experience is to be present to the love of our inner Divine, Holy Spirit, God or whatever you choose to call it.

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