What Feeds Your Soul

What Feeds Your Soul

We are two weeks into the new year, and it is a good time to reflect on that wonderful question –“What feeds my soul?” The thing is, we get caught up in our patterns and habits. We do what is necessary.

We go to the grocery store. We put the trash out. Are we doing things daily that touch and nurture the depths of our being? I call it loving ourselves. This is important if we want to connect to or create joy.

The possibilities are endless. Listen to a piece of music, sing or dance. Read a daily devotional, or sit in silence, even for a few minutes. Phone a friend. Tell someone you love them. Share a joke. Do laughing yoga. Take yourself on a playdate, doing something you love. Watch a video of nature or go for a walk in the woods. Pausing even briefly for joy can change our vibration and move us into gratitude.

Let’s take care of our deepest places amid doing the laundry and cooking. Invite bliss to be a part of every day. We were created for love and for joy. YES! YES! YES!

In peace, joy and love,
Reverend Patty

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