This Now Moment

I’m still pondering being present in this moment and how easily ego pulls us to the past and the future. So what do we do when “things” are happening and we need a plan or a little trick to get us back here now through a different door of perception.


I loved when Amy shared on Sunday that she had changed her middle name to Joy, Here’s a fun thought - Joy, Love, Peace - these are our true names because they are the truth of who we are whether we officially change them on paper or not.

Faith Highlighted

Faith Is My Chauffeur

This week, Reverend Patty would like to share with you a prayer by Barbie Nunnally.

Stick Men

Who are WE?

On Sunday, August 27th, at 11:30 A.M., we are having our first 30 minute monthly meeting for anyone new, or any long time members/friends to discuss “What does Unity teach and believe?” This is not related to the new member class and everyone is welcome. It is simply an opportunity for people to get an overview and ask questions. We are blessed to have new people almost every week and we are grateful.

The Power of Love

During our Sunday concert one of the lines from Elaine Silver’s song “Fab Four” struck me. She was thanking the Beatles, and this was in the chorus -“You touched the world with love and so much more, you changed the world with love and so much more.”

Celebrate Life

Get ready to CELEBRATE LIFE for the next 6 weeks at UBA. Come to service wearing your bling, your outrageously bright colors and your biggest smiles! There will be lots of great music with a musical talk and concert on August 6th by Elaine Silver. We'll have another musical talk on August 27th by our own Amy Corsetti. Claudia, Julie and Lucy will be sharing their usual magic as well.

Divine Wisdom

Let’s play with a quote from Charles Fillmore: “When we commune with the spirit within and ask for new ideas, they are always forthcoming.” Isn’t this a lovely truth?

Looking For The Good!

Rev. Alva’s points on Sunday were so simple and profound. Stay curious, keep asking questions and when in the midst of circumstances that we wish were different - look for the good. Where is the good in this? Rev. Joyce taught us to pray “I can’t wait to see what great good will come from this.”

To Be Still Is to Be Blessed

I would like to put a plug in for midweek activities at UBA. Barbie does Chair Yoga at 11:00 a.m., which is great for the body and the mind. At 12:00 noon, we have group meditation in the sanctuary; there is guided meditation and silence, followed by sharing lunch together with whatever we bring.

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