The Abundant Flow of Love

The Abundant Flow of Love

John 10:10 reads “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” We live in the flow of love and so the truth is that we are always in an exchange. We breath in and we breathe out. We give a hug and receive one. That is the abundant life.

Giving and receiving – Source pours through us into the world and we receive from Source all that we need. It is the circle of life. Indeed, love is always present, since we are co-creators with the power of the One who makes universes.

To be awake is to remember that we are one and that love is the stuff in which we live. The power of love permeates our lives. Karen Drucker sings – “If love is why I’m here, let me be an open channel. If love is why I’m here, let me give and then receive.” I say “YES! YES! YES!”

I invite us to take one day and notice all the giving and receiving – on the phone, on social media, in a store, in the workplace, with family members and friends, and even with strangers. When we are aware, then we can move into gratitude. The flow of love is the flow of our lives. Hallelujah!

We are walking together in faith and love,
Reverend Patty

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