Honoring Greatness

It's not often that you realize in the moment it happens that you are sharing time and space with greatness. Very few of us get the honor to witness it, and even fewer get to say thank you for all the wisdom, joy, hope, grace, and love that is shared.

Life by Design

On June 11th, I will be ordained as a Unity Minister. I thought about the creative process and how effective it is when we apply our spiritual powers to stay focused on a vision. There are 3 steps to live life by design rather than by default:

  1. We set our intention.
  2. We focus on our purpose and vision instead of problems.
  3. We take action based upon our purpose and vision.

Celebrating Our Prayer Chaplains!


This week is a major week for our church for it is the week our prayer chaplains rededicate themselves to serving our congregation these next 12 months. We have one returning and two new prayer chaplains and three who are stepping down into chaplain emeritus positions.

For This I Was Chosen

The eternal message of Jesus to us is: “Because I live, you will live also… I am the light of the world…You are the light of the world… let your light shine… Lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” He spoke of His mission from the Cross, yet Bible translators have misinterpreted His words.

Choose Love!

On a Sunday in March of 2015, I experienced a life changing event in one traumatic instant. For days, weeks, and ultimately months, I hovered between here and there - leaning into the peace and wonder beyond, and yet all the while tethered by a delicate thread to this earthly life.

Hats Off!

There are times in our lives when we absolutely know we are being completely guided by Spirit because every roadblock seems to simply dissolve into nothingness. Bringing Marianne Williamson to Richmond Saturday, January 6th, had to be a Divine mission!

Regina's Umbrella

Regina: Chapter Three

Some of us are fortunate enough to have a pretty good idea of when we will end our time here on earth. Regina was one of those. She was able to decide where and how she wanted to spend her last days, and Beth and I were honored that she and Julie wanted to spend it at our home.

Regina: Chapter Two

Regina wanted to get a college degree and she worked hard for three years, especially on math, to get credits. Her partner, Julie Bradshaw, spent many a weekend coaching her, and Board Member Judy Roskowski worked with her during the week. Their joint effort was so worth all the work to Regina because she was awarded an A the second time through.

Regina: Chapter One

Great Expectations from Reverend Joyce
Dear Unity Friends,

This will be the start of something new…I will be writing a blog often and it will be on our website and perhaps on Facebook and E-news. However, the first commentary I am writing for the next couple issues will be about our beloved Regina Makem who “graduated” from this Earth plane June 14.

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