Under Construction – Oh Happy Day!

Under Construction – Oh Happy Day!

We are replacing our rear screen projector in the sanctuary with a large screen TV. Twenty first century technology – how cool is that? After completion we will be able to see the slides on Sunday easily and vividly. Well, there is a catch.

We begin on this Wed and all will not be perfectly in order by this coming Sunday so I invite you to take the attitude that I can’t wait to see how great it looks on the following Sunday. The folks on the livestream will be able to see the slides, and we have handouts for those here in person. We are grateful for the church member who is gifting us the funding for this project. We are grateful for your patience as we get everything in Divine Order! We are grateful to Kevin, our long time IT provider, who is doing the work and the assistance by a few of our men to get the existing screen removed and out of the sanctuary.

Other happy news is that the electrician will be wiring the SmartFlower this week. Step by step it is coming along. A fence will be installed and rocks placed around it before we celebrate, have a blessing and publicize its presence.

Reverend Patty

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