This Now Moment

This Now Moment

I’m still pondering being present in this moment and how easily ego pulls us to the past and the future. So what do we do when “things” are happening and we need a plan or a little trick to get us back here now through a different door of perception.

We tell ourselves STOP IT! and laugh at how easily distracted we get. (See the link below.) Then we walk a new way in our mind. We consciously choose to notice the goodness, the grace, and the gifts right before our eyes, even making a list if we need help focusing. For instance - the warmth of the sun, your soft bed, a closet of clothes for every season, a friend, the Divine within always available, clean water, a juicy peach, a song you love, or a soft gentle breeze. Take a breath and think of all the body parts that are working - amazing right? This is just one way to be here now. May we embrace the precious gift of this moment to be lived fully and boldly.

Watch this clip featuring Bob Newhart, titled: STOP IT!


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