Appreciation and A Great Opportunity

Appreciation and A Great Opportunity

As we celebrate prayer for the next four weeks, I would like to express appreciation for our Chaplains and our prayer team that always hold the high watch for us. They commit to regularly praying, serving at Sunday services, and communicating with friends and members.

What a gift to our whole community! A foundation in prayer is a strong foundation indeed. So on behalf of all who participate here, THANK YOU for your sacred service and love.

On October 8th, plan to stay after church for a wonderful workshop on prayer, given by Reverend Sandra Campbell. She was one of my favorite professors. Reverend Sandra also works in a church, serves as President of Unity Urban Ministerial School, and works with Unity Worldwide as well.

Remember that you are an expression of Divinity; walk in this power each day.

Reverend Patty

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