Prayer -- Acceptance & Resistance

Prayer -- Acceptance & Resistance

I’ve been pondering how we get stubborn when circumstances get difficult and in so doing, we set our vibration at NO, NO, NO. When we are at NO instead of YES, we cannot receive the good that seeks to flow into the moment.

We get so tied up in the problem that we don’t allow thoughts of what is possible into our field. We can connect into the center of love. Be still and KNOW that I AM GOD. Then affirmative prayer is about allowing that which is greater than our ego’s view to bless us.

I invite you to listen to Rev. Eric Butterworth’s piece, which has been so helpful to me, to realign with my divine center, and come back to accepting all that is waiting for me within. It is well worth the 6 minutes of your time. May we always remember that we have everything we need if we but turn within.

Reverend Patty

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