Prayer Treasures

August 2, 2021

A July prayer from Unity of Bon Air Prayer Chaplain, Dottie Klammer:

Unity draws our attention to the Power of Understanding in July. With that in mind I pray. Living loving God, through the power of understanding I evolve. The power of wisdom carries me there as I open my heart and let go of old beliefs if needed or build on life experiences or new knowledge. I am slow to draw conclusions before I ask questions. I trust that answers will always come and doors of understanding will open as I evolve in Oneness. Thank you God for my Power of Understanding.

Affirmation: I am always evolving as I stay in turn with who I AM.

July 26, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Power of Prayer;

Prayer of Comfort by Blanche Kimble-Wilson

There is no greater comfort on earth than knowing I am safe and secure no matter what is going on in the world around me.

I achieve this state of mind in personal relationships with the higher spiritual power within me. It is developed through my times of daily prayer, meditation, and waiting in the Silence to receive the answers that are right for me.

As I pray for insight and understanding, I am comforted to know that neither the disturbing broadcasts of the media, my negative past experiences, nor the opposing opinions of others have the power to keep me from finding and experiencing peace of mind. I do not allow the naysayers of the world to cloud my mind with error thoughts and beliefs.

I keep my mind stayed on the goodness that is in all situations and circumstances as it is revealed to me through my prayers. I am comforted.

July 12, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Power of Prayer;

Prayer of Guidance, from Reverend DeeAnn Morency

Breathing in the moment

Breathing into the moment

Quieting the mind

Stilling the heart

Deepening into the Silence

Listening, allowing

Open and receptive to divine guidance

Dissolving limited understandings

Letting go of what I think I know

Accessing infinite wisdom

I Am the knower that knows

I am divinely guided

I live and breathe into infinite wisdom with ease and grace

Today and every day

July 5, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Power of Prayer;

The Prayer of Love, by Rev. Karen Romestan

Divine spirit that is love joins us together as one. Creator and creation are joined in love through all eternity. All humanity is bound by the thread of love that connects all sentient beings, all that moves upon the earth and through the sky as one.

Claiming our oneness, we live life awakened to the awareness of the deep, abiding love of God.

We hold love as our divine inheritance and remind ourselves often that God is love, therefore we are love. Love is our countenance as we walk through the moments and hours of our days. We embody love that sees good until good is what appears in our lives. We hold a posture of love by opening our hearts with compassion and loving-kindness for our world and all its inhabitants.

We are grateful for love that is made manifest through God expressing as creation. We let it be so, so that it can become.

June 21, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Power of Prayer:

The Prayer of Silence by Rev. Beatriz Gallerano Bell

I am now in the sacred place. That place where the Father and I are one.

I close the door to all distractions, to all external issues. I surrender myself to the divine presence in the assurance that all sorrow is healed.

The outpouring of healing and comforting love brings peace and calm to my soul.

Infinite wisdom reveals to me a new understanding of my life and my circumstances.

Guided and inspired, I find the strength to live each day with faith, joy, and enthusiasm.

Dear God, this moment is our moment. In it, I experience the gift of Presence, and I find the peace I am looking for.

I open wide the doors of my being to receive the wonderful blessings and goodness prepared for me.

June 7, 2021

A recent message sent from Silent Unity to the Unity of Bon Air Prayer Team:

Prayer deepens your awareness of God and connects you with the laws of the universe through which good unfolds. When you pray for others, trust these spiritual laws for right outcomes. Know that their divine resource within is their source of health, happiness, peace, wisdom, and abundance. As we pray with you, we invite you to affirm:

"You are one with God and immersed in abundant goodness. Your hopes, dreams, and goals are being fulfilled. You are peaceful and well."

May 31, 2021

Prayers in honor of Memorial Day, 2021:

We turn within to our Divine Nature in our grief and in our remembrance of the fallen. We guide our thoughts and feelings toward a harmonious existence as we honor those who were willing to give up their lives that we may gather here today freely. On this Memorial Day, we pray for peace and for those who gave all.

Our country is blessed with great bounty. For this, we are thankful. Those that serve our country express bravery and willingness of Spirit. For this, we are thankful. Our nation expresses an indomitable spirit and determination to remain free. For this, we are thankful. We are eternally grateful for the sacrifices that have been made to keep the U.S.A. the land of the free. So it is. Amen.

May 24, 2021

A recent message from Silent Unity to the Unity of Bon Air Prayer Team:

The practice of giving thanks even before results become visible sets an expectation of answered prayer. In quiet times of prayer, give thanks for the divine source within and know that good is unfolding in the life of each person you pray for. Each one has the wisdom and strength to rise above any situation. As we pray with you for all of those you wish to bless, we give thanks for the good that is now unfolding. Please join us in affirming:

"God is your source. You are strong, wise, peaceful, and blessed in every way."

May 17, 2021

A recent message from Silent Unity to the Unity of Bon Air Prayer Team:

Prayer is your heart's connection to God. When you pray for people who are dear to you, you can trust this connection, which links your heart and theirs to the unconditional love of God. As you pray, have faith that this love is present in every life as happiness, peace, health, prosperity, and every needed blessing. We join you in faith as we affirm:

"The unconditional love of God nurtures and sustains you. You are peaceful, whole, safe, and prosperous."

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