Prayer Treasures

February 8, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Comfort of Prayer:

The light of the infinite is always shining. In every moment, I can see the way ahead, step-by-step. If I seem to lose my sense of direction, I turn within. Wisdom is the power of God present in my inspired thoughts. I shine the light of divine wisdom from within to guide me.

Realizing my divine nature, I am healed. I deny any belief in limited health or well-being (for myself and others). Instead, I turn my mind toward the knowledge of divine nature. God-life is my life. I claim vitality and wholeness, strength and well-being. I heal by realizing my true nature and by living fully, starting with this moment of conscious prayer.

February 1, 2021

From Unity of Bon Air Prayer Chaplain, Dottie Klammer:

In thinking of the the Power of Faith, the power that Unity recognizes and focus's on in the month of January, I offer the following:

Definition of Faith:
When you have come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown. One of two things will happen. There will be something to stand on or you will be taught to fly.

With this thought in mind, I pray:

I hold the light of faith in my heart and in my mind and in all of my dealings.

With faith I call forth clear sightedness and expectancy of all that is good. I hold gratitude in my heart for the assurance that the Divine is working in me and through me. Thank you God for equipping me with all that I need to navigate in your Love, and so it is.
Affirmation: I am faith in action knowing I have all it takes.

January 25, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Comfort of Prayer:

I am renewed in mind, body, and spirit by the healing power of God within. I am anchored in the truth of wholeness, aware of the power of God in every aspect of my being. I renew my mind as I hold healing thoughts. I renew my body as I bless every cell and structure of my body temple. I renew my spirit as I center myself in prayer.

I am open to divine ideas and use them to prosper in my life. I catch hold of and am inspired by divine ideas to live in purpose and passion each day. Anchored in divine abundance, I am poised for possibilities. Gratefully, in oneness with God, I prosper.

January 17, 2021

From Unity of Bon Air Prayer Chaplain, Susan Green:

In 2021, I see you deeply knowing more than ever before that the power of God within you is the source of all your good; the source of your health, your happiness, your wisdom, your prosperity, and your peace. You know you are divinely blessed. I see you living fully, confidently, and peacefully in the grace of God knowing that all answers come from Source in you. Affirm - "As I express my Divine nature, I attract good things into my life and I am blessed!"

In 2021, I see you releasing and letting go of anything that isn't serving you physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Affirm - "I release and I let go of what isn't serving me and I fully realize I am powerful beyond measure!"

In 2021, I see you glowing with the unconditional love that God has for you and that you are! I see you KNOWING you are a perfect and powerful creation of God. Affirm - "I am a beautiful and important part of my Creator's beautiful world and I am loved!"

And finally, in 2021, I see you in gratitude giving thanks daily for these and all the many blessings in your life and in so doing, blessings multiply!

Affirm - "I AM grateful. I AM grateful. I AM grateful!"

January 11, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Comfort of Prayer:

God, or Good, is an ever-flowing river of abundance. I flow in the river through ups and downs, starts and stops of daily living.May I know that replenishment is natural and that all the good I desire is right where I am, in my next breath. My good is assured as I rejoice in divine abundance.

I am in the presence and radiating the power of peace, here and now. In a state of peace, I recognize that no condition can cause me unrest. Peace is in my breath, flowing in my mind, throbbing in my heart. Immersed in divine peace, all is well with my soul.

January 4, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Comfort of Prayer:

I breathe in an atmosphere of God's perfect peace. Breathing out, I release tensions and distractions, becoming aware of peace - perfect peace within my next breath. God is my source of complete peace. All that has been before this moment is now harmonized in the light of divine love, where I am centered in peace.

Easily, gracefully, I release the past so that I am free in this moment for all that is possible now. I trust that the helpful, useful content of my past has carried over into the present. I rest in spiritual peace and freedom.

December 28, 2020

Affirmations for the 12 Days of Christmas (Dec 26 - Jan 6) from Reverend Kelly Isola, as published in the Unity booklet, The Light of Christmas:

Every day, in every way, the light of faith illumines my path, allowing me to see Truth as I express my divine identity.
Every day, in every way, the light of strength illumines my path, and I am strong and steadfast. I persevere in life.
Every day, in every way, the light of wisdom illumines my path. In the quiet of my heart and body, I see and know what is mine to do.
Every day, in every way, the light of love illumines my path, awakening me to the realization that all things are possible.
Every day, in every way, the light of power illumines my path. I stand firmly on Truth, expressing my noble self with ease.
Every day, in every way, the light of imagination illumines my path. Infinite possibilities are eternally present, molded and shaped by me.
Every day, in every way, the light of understanding illumines my path. I live my life from my divinity with clarity and meaning.
Every day, in every way, the light of will illumines my path. I choose my life. I say yes with clarity and love.
Every day, in every way, the light of order illumines my path. I am grateful for my ability to evolve gracefully.
Every day, in every way, the light of zeal illumines my path. Passionate and awakened, I am a vital force of Spirit.
Every day, in every way, the light of release illumines my path. Letting go of limiting beliefs, I live life more abundantly.
Every day, in every way, the light of life illumines my path. I am the power of God, the living light of the Christ.

December 21, 2020

Advent affirmations from Unity World Headquarters:

With expectant faith, I am optimistic and confident.

Centered in peace, I broadcast peace on earth and goodwill to all.

I demonstrate the harmony of love through kind thoughts and acts.

Knowing God is my source, I count my blessings and spread joy.

I celebrate the birth of Christ consciousness within my body, mind, and spirit.

December 14, 2020

​From the Unity booklet The Comfort of Prayer:

I am anchored in peace, secure in knowing that spiritual peace is possible regardless of my circumstances. As I focus on my spiritual nature, I am empowered to express divine peace and love in any moment. In the Silence, I pray into peace.

The perfect life of God is flowing...right now, doing its mighty work - cleansing, purifying, and healing anything that needs to be healed. The wisdom of God is present and working through every medical professional. The love of God peace and strength. Every an expression of pure spirit and contains wholeness, harmony, and complete perfection. (All) are healed in every way.

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