Happy Self-Love Summer!!!

We have a societal belief that summer is the time to take a break and go to the beach or visit friends and family. Unity understands that only when we love ourselves can we extend genuine love to others. I’m inviting us to do both this summer.

Imagination Celebration

We are continuing to celebrate imagination all this month. This is such a life-giving power that we use every day. When we are little, our imagination works overtime. We dwell in awe and wonder as we believe that anything is possible.

The Power of Power

This is the last week on the power of power - how we choose our thoughts and words to create our lives, though in Unity we are ever considering how we create reality. I am sharing two great Charles Fillmore quotes to close this month.

Great News! A New Sign and a Loving Message

On Sunday we shared that we have passed the many hurdles to getting our new sign, and we think it is beautiful! We believe it will be shining on Buford Road in a few months. Yet, what is so very important about our church is the people. Yes, we have a lovely facility and an incredible garden and soon a great sign, but the love is the thing here that makes the difference. It is each of you that makes a difference. It is what keeps me coming back week after week.

We Appreciate You! We Behold the JOY in You!

I want to share with you something you may not know. The people who create what is happening on Sunday mornings are so fabulous. Some are paid and many are volunteers.

Annual Meeting

Please join us on May 19, 2024 at 12:00pm in the Sanctuary for our 2024 Unity of Bon Air Annual Meeting!

Take A Trip To The Arches In Your Mind

I attended Daniel Nahmod’s workshop and loved his story about a three month sabbatical near the Arches National Park in Utah. Escaping LA and having no WIFI, TV, or the normal distractions, he spent time in the beauty around him and his creativity was unleashed. He wrote over 120 songs. In the stillness, peace and quiet he connected to the Divine within.

We Allow The Power To Flow

As we start a new month, we turn to another power – the power of power. God is not “some being” that expresses power; God is power itself. We are the divine power expressing powerfully. We do this through concentration, self-mastery, and spiritual authority.

Oodles of Gratitude and Love

I cannot begin to express the joy I felt on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who was here physically and online. A core team (Zita, Myra, Janet, Kim, and Chantal) worked to plan, order everything, design the dining, hall and sanctuary areas and serve for the big day. Rusty and William worked to have the fountain flowing and the outside sparkling.

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