The Intention of Peace

The Intention of Peace

I’m inviting us to relish the deep peace that is the truth of who we are as we begin this new year of limitless possibilities. Peace and love are the energies of our beings as we realize the Christ within.

My soul weeps as I read of the shootings of innocents both here and around the world. I keep coming back to - what is mine to do? The only control I have is over that for which I will stand. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s. day is next Monday, I have been thinking about his heart and commitments. His stand, like Ghandi’s, was violence is NOT the answer. This Sunday I will be reflecting on how we carry that vision, and live into peace. For now I stay alert to any thoughts that imagine separation, and see someone as the enemy, or the other. It is only as we create the consciousness which declares we are one, that our world will come to demonstrate this truth. May we live so that the vibration of the world is raised, and we walk as brothers and sisters in oneness.

Watch Karen Drucker's video "I Can See Peace Instead of This".


In peace, joy and love,
Reverend Patty

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