The Beauty of What Remains

The Beauty of What Remains

Many of you know I helped my dear doxie, Cocoa, make her transition two weeks ago. Thank you for your words and actions of support. Kindness truly matters.

In the wake of this loss a friend told me about this great book written by Rabbi Steve Leder called The Beauty of What Remains. Even if you have not had a recent loss, this book is valuable. Death teaches us many things and he shares beautifully some of these lessons.

One thing that keeps coming to me is it is not the extraordinary moments that make life fabulous, but the daily ways that love appears and enriches us. Waking up together, having her greet me with tail wagging, being together in ordinary moments - these make life lovely. So too with our human friends. I am offering a reminder for us to be present for the simple things. May we be awake to the gift of life and the present moment. As we recognize and treasure love’s presence we are truly rich. Hug a friend and tell them you love them. Grab a bite and laugh together or take a walk. It doesn’t get better than this!

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