Create the Greatest Love Story Ever

Create the Greatest Love Story Ever

I’m all for marriage and romance and sharing life with another, yet as I grow older and wiser, I know a deep truth. The most amazing love we can experience is to be present to the love of our inner Divine, Holy Spirit, God or whatever you choose to call it.

When we are aware of this love that is always present, always leading us, always supporting our growth in consciousness, then everything is possible. What appears in physical form follows what we are in consciousness.

I am inviting us all to take time to connect to Source and watch the magic happen because where there is great love there are always miracles. Be true to your authentic self, to your dreams and to the expression of the Christ you are.

Take the time to connect with the higher part of you. The part of you who knows your full magnificence and sees who you really are. When your inner cup is overflowing extend that love to all who matter to you. Swim in an ocean of love today, tomorrow and every day. This is why we are here - to experience love. I behold the Christ in you.

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