Squeals of Joy!

Squeals of Joy!

It is so delightful to be here during the week and see and hear the children’s laughter both inside and outside the building. This past week I was washing something in the kitchen while Amanda was making popcorn with a hot air popper in New-Rock Hall.

There were squeals and laughter and trying to get close to the magical machine. I had to stop and witness the joy and wonder.

They were seeing with fresh eyes something I considered ordinary. Oh, the excitement!! I had to wonder - how can I be present to utter joy in simple things again? This is a great season to be willing to see new perspectives and to allow our hearts to burst with joy. Will you join with me in an adventure to be present to joy and love in unexpected moments, in each present moment? Let us be like little children, awake to the freshness of each moment in which Spirit says "Love is always doing a new thing". You are invited. Join the party! Bring your squeals!!

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