Talking The Talk

Talking The Talk

We often hear the question “Are they walking the talk” meaning are they living into and modeling the ideals they say they want to see in themselves and others. Or are they just speaking about what they want and living in a very different way than what they say?

But what about “talking the talk”? If we believe in the Unity Principles and believe we are all One, do our conversations reflect that? If we talk about unity versus separation, do the conversations we have create unity or do they create separation, especially when we disagree with someone or are in conflict with them?

The catch is, when emotions run high, it can be difficult to talk the talk because our bodies go into fight or flight mode. Also, we often are not taught how to handle conflict effectively and, unfortunately, this is rarely modeled by others.

However, if we want to create more unity in the world, we must not only walk the talk, but we must also talk the talk. We must learn to communicate—to have conversations—in ways that are respectful, honest, and create deeper connection.

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