Love Brings The Harmony

A Man Called OttoI am inviting each of you to watch the new movie with Tom Hanks called A Man Called Otto, playing now in theatres. It’s like going to a two-hour class on the power of love.

Tom’s character is suicidal, so all is not easy going in the movie, and yet the story moves with power toward a Scrooge-like transformation. There will be tears and laughter amid this fictional story that rings so true to life and the spiritual principles we hold dear. Bring your hanky! It has it all - grumpiness, disappointment, anger, illness, grief, a pregnant mom, children, driving lessons, forgiveness, transformation, generosity, and living life abundantly. I would love to hear your impressions. (The AMC on Alversar Drive has great afternoon prices and a Tuesday discount.)

Watch the trailer below to whet your appetite.

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