New Life, New Blooms, New Leaves, New Everything

New Life, New Blooms, New Leaves, New Everything

“The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.” - Julian of Norwich

For most people it seems easy to feel a sense of awe when in nature. I think we go from thinking to being - to experiencing awe, wonder, beauty, and feeling connected.

Now is the time to walk through the gardens at church. HOLY COW! It is gorgeous. What I see in every view is new life and I behold the power of God, of LIFE. It lifts our vibration.

I would like to acknowledge and thank our garden team and the men of the church for their sacred service that creates this beautiful space. Rusty has the fountain up again - so magical. Our men have started their weekly mowing and trimming while the garden team continues their ongoing weeding, raking, mulching, planting and deadheading, to name only a few of their tasks.

May you feel the joy and new life within as we observe it without.

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