Faith Highlighted

Faith Is My Chauffeur

This week, Reverend Patty would like to share with you a prayer by Barbie Nunnally.

Faith is driving the vehicle of my life. I turn on my GPS and plug in my destination.

My destination is absolute alignment with Source, my genius creator. It is a place of exuberance, peace, love and happiness.

I know when to turn.

I know when to slow down.

I know when to speed up.

I know which exit to take.

I trust I will arrive at my destination safely, even though the road of my journey may be bumpy. And sometimes the sky is gray, diminishing my vision. I know these illusions will all go away, and all will be well!

Faith allows me to relax as I admire the beauty that lies before me. On my journey I see a baby blue sky, many colored flowers, and the luscious green of the trees as they dance with the wind.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of faith; the gps of my soul; my guidance and protection system.

I know all is well with my soul!! And so it is.


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