The Game of Life

Book - The Game of LifeI will be starting a series this Sunday on the book, The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn.

Florence was tuned into the vibratory power of words and our thoughts. Summer is a great time to go back to the basics and remember the spiritual laws that help us to be in the flow. We will also celebrate those in the youth program advancing to the next level, and Dari who is our only high school graduate. Way to go!

Summer is the time to come and go as we take time for renewal and relaxation. I encourage you to do self-care. Take time to be in beauty, to sing and dance, to gather with friends and family or to visit somewhere new. Allow the Christ within to be your guide and go boldly into FUN and PLAY. We send blessings to all those traveling these next couple of months, and especially Lucy and Claudia as they attend the Posi Event this week.

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