Make Your Bed, Change The World

Make Your Bed, Change The World

Parties, Caroling, Presents - the holidays are here! I am sharing a beautiful idea from Eric Butterworth today to help us keep our balance as the holiday schedule kicks in, and it may be so wonderful that we want to continue to practice it. “Do two things before anything else. Make up your bed and make up your mind.

As we physically make up our bed, we straighten our covers and the wrinkles. While doing this I get the feeling of identification with my mind, that I’m making up my mind. I’m getting the wrinkles out of my mind. I’m beginning to think the kind of thoughts that I want to think. Then when I go out to face the world, I am secure that no matter what happens, I can be on top of it.” (Practical Metaphysics p.80)

CLICK BELOW to listen to a great 20-minute podcast called Make Your Bed, Change the World | The Art of Manliness, with Admiral William McRaven

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