Looking For The Good!

Looking For The Good!

Rev. Alva’s points on Sunday were so simple and profound. Stay curious, keep asking questions and when in the midst of circumstances that we wish were different - look for the good. Where is the good in this? Rev. Joyce taught us to pray “I can’t wait to see what great good will come from this.”

The Abraham teachings invite us to claim “Only good comes to me.” You may have a special way of turning your mind to the good. I suggest that you come up with a mantra that becomes your “go to prayer” especially during stress. This is foundational. This will change your life and your perceptions because whether we place our energy on positive or negative, we get more of the same. In this way we can keep our hearts and minds aligned with Unity’s first principle - “There is only one Presence and one Power active as the Universe and in my life, God the Good.” When we do this we remain in the flow of love.

Next Sunday we will have our minds floating in thoughts of prosperity of every kind with Rev. Patty and a surprise!!!

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