Honoring Greatness

Honoring Greatness

It's not often that you realize in the moment it happens that you are sharing time and space with greatness. Very few of us get the honor to witness it, and even fewer get to say thank you for all the wisdom, joy, hope, grace, and love that is shared.

When such gifts are generously given, it has such a profound impact on our lives. We can't help but become greater ourselves, because of the love and support that is shared.

Reverend Joyce has been that greatness for each and every one of us at Unity of Bon Air. She has shared with every one of us the loving expectancy that we each know, own, and walk in our own greatness.

As we celebrate you Reverend Joyce, know that these past 18 years have been GREAT because of your Greatness, Joy, and Love. We know that (in the words of songwriters Jan Garrett & JD Martin), “nothing is ever lost, and we are not forgotten, we are living in the heart of God.”

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