A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived

Our beloved Reverend Joyce has transitioned and now is up to her usual antics of bringing love and joy in the realm of the pure light of love. We will no longer be able to hug her or hear that laughter except in our memories. Yet we are far from bereft because we continue to carry all the gifts, all the wisdom, all the warmth that she poured into our lives.

Joyce was up to expressing the Christ of her being and inviting everyone else to understand that Christ -consciousness is our true identity. No exceptions. Everyone is an expression of the Divine ONE. She knew the secret to life - loving and expanding one's consciousness of oneness.

If you have had a significant loss recently, this loss of her presence may awaken grief or deepen it. I want to invite us all to allow ourselves the gift of feeling those emotions and honoring them. Cry the tears. Remember the precious moments. It is only as we welcome them that we can release them. We feel grief when we have loved deeply. We were blessed to be so loved by her and to love her in return.

There will be a Celebration of Life service in July. I am waiting for confirmation of the date. Together we will celebrate a life lived with such power, faith and joy. Know that if you are needing prayer support you can leave a request at the office for our chaplains or call Silent Unity for an immediate prayer. I am happy to pray with you as well.


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