July 5, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Power of Prayer;

The Prayer of Love, by Rev. Karen Romestan

Divine spirit that is love joins us together as one. Creator and creation are joined in love through all eternity. All humanity is bound by the thread of love that connects all sentient beings, all that moves upon the earth and through the sky as one.

Claiming our oneness, we live life awakened to the awareness of the deep, abiding love of God.

We hold love as our divine inheritance and remind ourselves often that God is love, therefore we are love. Love is our countenance as we walk through the moments and hours of our days. We embody love that sees good until good is what appears in our lives. We hold a posture of love by opening our hearts with compassion and loving-kindness for our world and all its inhabitants.

We are grateful for love that is made manifest through God expressing as creation. We let it be so, so that it can become.

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