April 26, 2021

From the Unity booklet, The Comfort of Prayer:

The power of divine love is my rich inner resource. Love is within me. Love flows from me. As I lead by love, I feel full and fulfilled. Whether giving or receiving, leading or following, abundant love is mine. In love I pray.

I am free from thought patterns that leave me feeling vulnerable or weak. I am one with infinite life that is always in motion and always flowing forward, onward, and outward. I celebrate life as I notice and appreciate the well-being and blessings that exist right now.

The Absolute Word for April 18, 2021, from Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck:

Pray with Others

I am DIVINE, as is each person with whom I pray.

A friend knows your DIVINITY during those moments you may find it difficult to know it for yourself. Each person I pray with is a friend even if we just met. I begin by letting go of fear and releasing any thoughts of lack, illness, disharmony, or limitation as I pivot my awareness to our identical DIVINITY.

Each person is the PRINCIPLE of ABUNDANCE because they are DIVINE. Each of them is DIVINE LOVE. I see each one warming and comforting themselves as they bring harmony to their relationships. I affirm their abundant living as they guide themselves using DIVINE LOVE, WISDOM, and UNDERSTANDING. I see each of their lives orderly unfolding as they enjoy security, health, and joy.

I am DIVINE, as is each person with whom I pray.

(The Absolute Word is based on Sunday messages appearing in Daily Word®, a copyrighted Unity publication, and has been used with permission.)

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